Is it time for your home to EVOLV to solar power?

Thanks to Mike Daciw from EVOLVsolar for guest blogging for us this week! You can reach Mike with any questions at 403.510.8932 or —— Have you ever considered going renewable energy for your home… Read More

Steady Market Ahead for 2018!

Home buyers and sellers around Calgary can expect stable prices in 2018, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) annual forecast. We have entered 2018 with some new factors including rising interest rates and stricter… Read More

A Year in Realty Review

Calgary real estate stats continue to be a mixed bag with different property types displaying very different market conditions. Here are a few snapshot stats for you…   Total number of sales for 2017: Detached… Read More

6 Fascinating Facts about Radon Gas

A big thank you to Colin Dumais of Radon West for being our guest blogger today. Of the thousands of homes I have shown over the past 12 years in Calgary, I have only seen… Read More

Tips and timing when buying a condo

Whether you’re buying for the first time, downsizing, or are just tired of yard work and maintenance, there are many reasons people are still considering buying a condominium. It’s no secret that the Calgary condo… Read More