Trying on Buying

Buying a home is an exciting, sometimes-daunting and often unexpected experience for many people.  Few things in life can match the excitement of deciding to earnestly look for a new home.  Sure it’s fun to… Read More

Asbestos in Calgary – what you need to know!

Asbestos is a wonderful fibre.  It has several positive characteristics such as extreme heat resistance and incredible strength. Unfortunately, the very properties that make the asbestos fibre so good are what make it potentially harmful… Read More

East Village has it all

If you are a dedicated urbanite and relish being in the middle of all things social, commercial, cultural and epicurean, then Calgary’s East Village is tailor-made for you. Spanning 49 acres between Fort Calgary and… Read More

Buying Your First Home

Thanks so much to our guest blogger this month, Elijah Kirchmaier, co-founder of Up Financial. He’s exploring home ownership within the framework of your whole financial picture. Owning a home and/or rental properties can be… Read More